Celebrating 25 Years of Partnership and Progress: A Conversation with HSA’s Victorian Operations Manager

As HSA proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the invaluable partnerships that have been crucial to our success. Since our inception in 1999, HSA has built strong relationships with suppliers and customers alike, propelling us to become Australia's leading hydraulic seal supplier. We sat down Justin Webster, one of HSA's longest-serving team members, to gain his insight into the development of our key supplier partnerships.

A Journey of Evolution: From Trainee to Operations Manager

When I started at HSA, I began as a trainee in the warehouse, learning about inventory and logistics. Over the years, I transitioned into internal sales, leveraging my understanding of our products to cater to our customers' needs effectively. In 2009 when we split from our original supplier, I moved into a purchasing role. As the company continued to grow, my roles evolved, eventually culminating in my current position as the Victorian operations manager, overseeing operations in both Brooklyn and Hallam.

Excellence through Strategic Partnerships: HSA's Evolution in Supplier Relations

As HSA's customer base expanded and diversified over the years, it became evident that our product portfolio needed to adapt. Our objective was to establish a reputation characterised by the quality and accessibility of our product offering. Through strategic partnerships with world renowned suppliers, we have secured access not only to the highest calibre products available but also to a level of service that aligns with the demands of our customers.

Proudly, we are the exclusive suppliers of Martin Fluid Power (MFP), ACM Composite Bearings, CARCO-PRP, and Accofluor products within the Australian market. Furthermore, we have a pivotal partnership with Trelleborg.

Navigating the Future: HSA's Commitment to Excellence in Supply Chain Management

HSA now boasts a robust supplier network of global partners. The establishment of such a network gives us the capacity to access an extensive array of products spanning the globe, allowing us to have a comprehensive stock availability and expedited lead times. Through regular weekly and monthly shipments and specialised freight options, we can ensure swift and reliable delivery services to our clients.

The close relationships we've built with our partners mean we often get priority treatment, ensuring orders are fast-tracked and delivered with exceptional service. This not only helps us meet our customers’ needs quickly but also allows us to offer tailored solutions and expert advice thanks to the specialised knowledge our partners provide.

As Australia's leading hydraulic seal supplier, we're taking measured steps to maintain our lead. We keep our suppliers in the loop with regular reports, making sure any outstanding items are addressed promptly. Plus, we plan ahead by placing orders well in advance, ensuring we always have enough stock on hand to meet demand.

In addition to our usual shipments, we also arrange quarterly sea freights to keep our stock levels strong and meet our clients' needs promptly. We make sure we have plenty of high-demand items in stock to ensure smooth order processing. Plus, we're committed to staying in touch with our clients, especially those with big orders, so we can anticipate their future needs and make sure we have the right inventory ready.

At HSA our vision is to grow Australia to be the largest hydraulic seal supplier in Australia. With our network of key supplier and partnerships, we will continue to strive to offer our customers exceptional products when they need them most.

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