Martin Fluid Power (MFP Seals)

HSA has been proudly partnered with MFP Seals for over 10 years allowing us to bring their premium product into Australia. MFP are focused on designing, engineering and manufacturing the highest quality sealing devices, made in the USA. By employing talented personnel, investing in new machinery, and enhancing their capabilities through upgrades, MFP are able to offer a vast range of tooling for standard and custom Hydraulic and Pneumatic seals. 

MFP have developed a specialised range of materials Ultraflex™ that are designed perfectly for the harshest of Australian conditions available in an enormous range of standard profiles and sizes. 

MFP Seals focus is to provide the best solutions for your sealing device problems - while maintaining the highest quality, best prices, and all the conveniences that a global manufacturer can provide.

Their manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining with Y-axis travel for off-centre milling, drilling and tapping, as well as the ability to custom mould virtually any shape or design.


ACM Composite Bearings is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of self-lubricating resin bonded composite materials and non-metallic bearings to a wide cross-section of industries. ACM have been developing and manufacturing highly engineered synthetic composite materials for marine and industrial engineering markets worldwide for over 25 years. ACM Composite Bearings are used within the marine, hydropower, hydraulic, rail, offshore, construction and industrial markets and are designed specifically to replace traditional metal-based bearings; resulting in longer life and other technical advantages.


We are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of CARCO-PRP. CARCO-PRP have been producing rotary shaft seals and hydraulic cylinder sealing elements for over a century.  Carco-PRP specialize in large diameter fabric reinforced elastomer rotary seals & V-packings.  Part of their V-packing range are a heavy-duty Pressure activated vees that require no preload therefore working far more efficiently and effectively than mechanical activated vee packs. 

Having access to one of the largest hydraulic presses in the world CARCO-PRP  seals can be provided in diameters up to and in excess of 3000mm.  

CARCO-PRP heavily invest in Research and Development to ensure they are on top in their field.  Using finite element analysis, they can predict the behavior of a seal and with test rigs and laboratories can develop new materials to ensure the seals are exceeding the working conditions.


Trelleborg is a world leader in sealing solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Their innovative engineered solutions accelerate performance for our customers in a sustainable way. 

HSA have partnered with Trelleborg to bring their highest of quality Mechanical Face Seals to the Australian Market. 

Mechanical Face Seals are a special form of sealing solution for rotating mechanical components. They are also known under other designations, such as lifetime seals, floating seals and heavy-duty seals


Accofluor A/S has 40 years of application knowledge, which includes material experience, helping customers to make the right decision when specifying standard and non-standard seals. 

Accofluor A/S offer a unique combination of in-house application expertise, material knowledge and specialized machining knowhow. Combining these core capabilities gives them an edge, ensuring that they are always at the forefront of seal design, material development and manufacturing methodology, which translate into confidence, competitiveness, and revenue for their clients.

They have the know how within PTFE and PTFE Seal production and are able to deliver a wide range of standard and customized seals, in various materials. Accofluor A/S seals are used for hydraulic and pneumatic applications: in offshore projects, food manufacturing, medical, industrial machinery and many other applications that need to be sealed.


Alpana specialize in producing high grade Polyurethane & Elastomers used for machining custom size and profile sealing elements. 

Alapana are constantly pushing the boundaries in development on what Elastomers are capable of.

They are offer a range of materials that are at the very cutting edge of the industry in regards to wear resistance, extrusion resistance and heat.

Alpana’s mission is simple; providing high quality products at most competitive prices to achieve the greatest imaginable client satisfaction. ALPANA is present on all the global markets, providing clients with a variety of solutions to achieve an effective, reliable and qualitative results.

Alpana’s partnership with HSA has resulted in a new range of polymers that are best suited to the harsh working conditions that Australia bring to an application.