A vast range of agricultural equipment provides many challenges for hydraulic equipment. From a simple lifting mechanism to a broad acre plow, operating night and day all parts of the system need to be reliable, including the hydraulic seals to prevent downtime & leakage.

 From cultivators to cutters, sprayers to seeders, Hydraulic Seals Australia’s range of seals are designed to meet the technical needs of the agricultural industry. H.S.A has a  broad range of  seals that  have been designed to withstand the demands of our harsh environment and typical contaminants such as dust and moisture.

 With an extensive range of high quality seals and years of experience, HSA provides exceptional performance to minimise downtime and keep agricultural equipment running. H.S.A is proud to support Australian Agriculture & Farmers, being a leading supplier of Seals agricultural style cylinders and heavy duty rotary actuators.

Main Applications:

  • Sealing Elements for leading Australian Made Agricultural Cylinders
  • Sealing Elements for Heavy Duty Rotary Actuators
  • Bushings
  • Heavy Duty V-packs and Custom Seals for Hay & Cotton Pressing Cylinders